I started doing rescue 2017 when I worked at a pet store and became assistant manager. Random people would come in that found abandoned kittens and we always sent them to the local shelter. I finally decided to take in four kittens a customer brought in. She found them underneath her shed and was getting ready to move. They needed to be bottle fed and were about five days old. They started opening their eyes several days after I took them in. By the time they were ten weeks old, I was searching for a rescue to take them.  I kept one and the other three were adopted out. I started fostering for several rescues and taking kittens that were part of TNVR for mom's and still taking kittens and various animals that were surrendered to me that needed my help. I have rehomed and rehabilitated birds, rabbits, Guinea pigs, and squirrels. I decided to open my own rescue since I've been paying out of pocket vet bills and food expenses anyway. I continue to take in animals that need my help through people finding them or through TNVR for community cat's.  Each and every kitten and cat will have their vet day for spay/neuter, fvlv test, fvrcp vaccination and microchips before going out for adoption. I have cared for over four hundred cat's and kittens including pregnant mama's that need a safe place to deliver. Rescue is definitely not a profitable business in any way but it is much too rewarding to stop. If I can help someone that would like to foster or rescue,  please let me know and I will do all I can to help you out with your life goals. Please feel free to contact me through Facebook or Instagram. You can also send an email to Ritamazzie@yahoo.com.